4 Tips to Purchasing a Reconditioned Gas Pump or Dispenser

Gas Pump or Dispenser

Choosing between fuel dispensers can be overwhelming.  There are so many makes and models to choose from.  The petroleum equipment market has been undergoing dramatic changes in the market; the reconditioned gas pump and dispenser sales are growing.  Purchasing reconditioned gas pumps and parts is a cost-saving option.  Here are some tips that will help you when deciding what and where to buy from.

Reliable Gas Pump or Dispenser

When it comes to purchasing, choosing a trusted brand for essential tools and machinery is your best bet.  Just because you are purchasing a used fuel dispenser does not mean that it is a lower quality product.  Many times, they were used for a short period of time before they went out of business or decided to remodel and go in a different direction.

Reconditioned parts that work flawlessly will work just as well and save you money.  You can get the edge on your competitors at an affordable price.

Purchase from a Credible Company

When deciding what company to purchase from you want one that has a long-standing reputation in the industry.  Find a credible company with the highest standard of aftermarket petroleum equipment.

Check into their facility process to be sure that they can test units with the latest technology.  You want to make sure that they are Electronically testing the equipment before they sell it.

Be diligent when looking into purchasing as to what the warranty policies are with your purchase.

Gas Pump and Dispenser Brand Research

There are several well-known brands for fuel dispensers, Wayne, Gilbarco, and Tokheim.  Each brand has a variety of models that provide solutions to specific needs.  As a gas station owner, which model and brand will be directly related to what your customers’ needs are as well as what goes with your brand.  For example, are you wanting to provide entertainment to your customer while they are filling up?  Or are you looking for a dispenser that will communicate with your existing fuel management system so you can save the costs of obtaining a new point of sale (POS) system.

Understand the Differences between “As Is”, “Economy” and “Recon”

There are levels when buying reconditioned gas pumps and dispensers.  There are differentiating factors when buying any refurbished or reconditioned equipment.  As a consumer understanding, the differences are important before you make your decision.

“As Is” – This means that you are getting a complete unit that may have some cosmetic issues.  Whether that is dents or in need of a coat of paint.  You are getting the unit as is and typically will not have a warranty.  These will be the best price of the three.

“Econ” – This indicates that you are getting a unit that is economical.  In most cases, they have tested the electronics to be in working order.  There is a warranty with your purchase.  However, you need to read if it is on electronic parts and what the exchange time frame is.  This is the best dollar value for you.

“Recon” – Reconditioned means a full unit that the components have been tested and reconditioned.  They have fixed major and minor cosmetic issues.  The warranty will cover most of the parts and electronics.

Cost Saving and Sustainability

When purchasing a used fuel dispenser, you may be able to buy 2 or 3 for the price that one would cost.  Which can help with future cost savings.  Generate revenue while freeing up storage space.  Another bonus to purchasing reconditioned gas pumps and dispensers is that you are alleviating landfill and pollution.

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