Is Your Gas Station Taking Advantage of Reconditioned Gas Pumps and Dispensers?

Reconditioned Gas Pumps

The annual cost that is needed annually to run a gas station can be anywhere from $150K to $250K.  This is a steep maintenance price, especially when trying to make a profit.  In order to stay afloat in a highly competitive industry, a station must take the extra steps.  These steps can include a convenience store, car wash, coffee bars, food retailers, and a post office.  Where can a station still give the ultimate experience and save costs? Reconditioned gas pumps and dispensers are the answer.

Equipment Expenses

Equipment maintenance and replacement can be costly for a gas station owner.  The gas station equipment has become so advanced that is requires careful professional evaluation when it needs repairs, or any problems occur.

Fuel dispensers, underground storage tank monitoring systems, and point of sale systems are closely reliant on each other for a station to function.  So, if it breaks one of these, it affects them all.  This makes routine maintenance and checks critical.

Whether it is a component in the equipment that is not working or the dispenser was hit by a vehicle.  Equipment replacement is steep and can affect your station’s bottom line.

Upgrading or Renovating Your Station

In an effort to keep your gas station relevant and in the forefront of consumers’ minds, there is something to be said for renovations.  Upgrades to equipment sometimes make more sense and are cost-effective.  However, there are times where it is more expensive.  It may make sense instead of getting a new part, to get a reconditioned gas pump or dispenser unit.

The Stereotype of Reconditioned Gas Pumps

One would think that it is the small owner on a tight budget that has to buy reconditioned equipment.  When in fact reconditioned equipment is used for all company sizes and even major oil companies.  It is an economical decision.  The return on investment can be significant.

Refurbished gas pumps and dispensers make a greater economic and ecological contribution.  It reduces the amount of electronic waste and reduces your footprint.  This actually can be a selling point with customers.

Sell Your Pre-Owned Equipment

If you are upgrading your current gas station, another option is to sell your pre-owned equipment.  Some equipment is only worth the value of the parts and not the entire unit.  However, you can use the extra money to funnel back into your business.

Be Certain They Are a Reputable Company

When purchasing reconditioned parts, be sure to go through a well-established company.  One that understands the industry and the specific needs of a gas station.  As well as a company that runs the parts through inspections before reselling.  The biggest reason one is wary when purchasing refurbished equipment is that you may get unreliable equipment.  By doing your due diligence and researching the company, you will find a trustworthy company to purchase from.

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