1. Graffco sells equipment products only and is not a service company. Therefore, in the event that you feel that you have a warranty claim on a product you have purchased, the Graffco warranty does not cover labor or labor related fees.
  2. If there is an issue with a product that is covered under warranty, Graffco must be contacted immediately before any work is done.
  3. A warranty claim must be opened with Graffco and a Graffco approved technician in your area. The warranty policy is in written form and Graffco, Inc. will not honor any oral statements by employees, distributors or agents not consistent with the written warranty policy.
  4. All OEM trademarks or part numbers are shown for identification purposes and are not endorsed or certified by the original manufacturer.
  5. The Graffco warranty covers the replacement part only with no provisions for labor or mileage. This warranty does not apply to items that have been mishandled, improperly installed, acts of God, neglect, fire or damaged in shipment.
  6. This warranty does not cover software upgrades, bank injection key or dispenser software incompatibilities within the fueling system forecourt and to include the point of sale device.
  7. Monetary reimbursement request for replacement parts not supplied by Graffco will be denied. All electronic devices and hydraulic parts that are returned to Graffco and determined not to have originated from Graffco, will be returned to the customer at the customer’s expense.
  8. All electronic boards are shipped in one of three ways; “as is”, “tested “or “reconditioned.”
  9. Warranty is extended to the original purchaser (individual or company) and cannot be transferred to any other parties.
  10. Warranty claims cannot exceed the amount paid by the original purchaser at the time of purchase.
  11. The warranty is only applicable to equipment sold in the United States.
  12. Warranty is voided if the product was altered in any manner when originally received.
  13. The warranty begins five (5) days from the date equipment is shipping unless approved to be extended because of distance traveled (i.e. Alaska, Peru, etc.).
  14. Unless otherwise stated, all secure encrypted components of our card reading equipment is limited to start up.
  15. Unless stated otherwise on the customer’s sales order quote (review quote warranty statement) all reconditioned electronic boards will be warranted for 180 days from date of shipment and 180 days from date of install for a total period of one-year. Exceptions include: All encrypted devices; card readers, control modules, pin-pads, displays and contactless devices which are limited to start-up. Also, unless otherwise stated on your sales order quote, all hydraulic components are limited to 90 days from date of install.
  16. All parts and electronics provided by a Graffco vendor will be subject to the vendor warranty.
  17. Printers, cash drawers and mechanical devices will be limited to a 90 day part replacement from date of shipment, unless item is provided by a Graffco vendor, which will be subject to the vendor’s warranty policy.
  18. All pricing is subject to change without notice.
  19. Graffco reserves the right to invoice a restocking fee of up to fifty-percent for items returned unused.
  20. Graffco, Inc. retains the right to accept or deny any claim based on reasonable terms.


“AS IS” – Best Price $

  • Unit will be complete
  • Could have dents or scratches
  • May need paint, overlays or plexi-glass
  • Not guaranteed to be functional
  • It may need additional repairs

“ECON” – Best Value $

  • Unit will be complete
  • Electronic components have been tested
  • It may need additional repairs on hydraulics and cosmetics

“RECON” – Best Warranty $

  • Unit will be complete
  • Electronic components tested and reconditioned
  • New cosmetics/overlays/stainless steel


  • Cores must be in economically repairable condition when returned to Graffco, Inc.
  • Unless prior arrangements are made with the customer, cores determined by Graffco to be beyond economic repair will be sent back to the customer and the customer will be given the opportunity to provide a repairable core.
  • If a repairable core is not provided to Graffco in a timely manner, Graffco reserves the right to invoice the buyer for the full amount of the core value of the item.
  • Cores must be returned on a like for like basis unless approved by the electronics department.