About Graffco


Graffco, Inc. is an establishment in the Midwest that offers companies an affordable option to purchase new, used or reconditioned pumps, dispensers, parts and electronics. Our company is committed to providing the highest standard of aftermarket petroleum equipment while maintaining integrity in all of our relationships. Over the last thirty years, Graffco has become a reliable source for convenience store chains, distributors, small oil companies and equipment installers worldwide. From the latest models of Gilbarco and Wayne Petroleum Equipment to the hard to find Tokheim Parts, Graffco, Inc. has an abundant supply of products. Our goal as a business has always remained the same which is to provide all customers with good value and reliable service. To accomplish that goal, we listen carefully to our customers so that we can identify their needs.



Daniel and Robert Graff

Robert and Daniel Graff created a partnership in 1975 that lead to the establishment of Graffco, Inc. in 1986. Daniel Graff became the sole owner of Graffco when Robert retired in 2005.

Family Picture 2

Three Generations

Daniel’s wife, Diana, manages the corporate office. Helena, Dorothea, Marlayna, and Sean are children of Daniel and Diana Graff that work in various aspects of the company. The rest of Graffco, Inc. consists of many loyal, multiyear employees

Company History

1954 - 1975

1954 – Robert D. Graff introduced automatic rebuilt nozzles in the upper midwest.

1959 – Robert D. Graff established “Automatic Nozzle Sales ” in Minneapolis.

1973 – Daniel M. Graff established “Dan’s Automotive Nozzle Service” in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

1974 – Robert D. Graff purchases used pumps for Ken Ward in Wisconsin when unleaded gas hit the market.

1975 - 1990

1975 – 1986 – Robert D. Graff and Daniel M. Graff created a partnership and sold hundreds of used brand-name pumps for commercial and industrial use.

1986 – Graffco, Inc. was formed and 25 acres was purchased to build a 10,000 sq. ft. building in Forest Lake, Minnesota.

1988 – Started providing replacement stainless steel panels (other than new) to the oil industry.

1990 – An additional 10,000 sq. ft. building is built in Forest Lake, Minnesota to keep up with Graffco’s expanding business.

1991 - 2010

1991 – An electronic rebuild board division is created.

1992 – Several patents were created including solo hose conversion.

1993 – Company grows to 30 employees.

2005 – Robert D. Graff retired and Daniel M. Graff became solo owner.

2007 – Daniel’s children start to work at Graffco in various aspects of the business making Graffco a three generation company.

2011 - 2019

2011 – Graffco moves the company to a larger facility in Harris, Minnesota and retaining the Forest Lake property for storage.

2016 – E-commerce site launched with product additions and improvements being made continuously.

2019 – EMV Solutions available to satisfy EMV requirements that became effective October 4, 2020.