The Ultimate Guide in Buying Reconditioned Gas Pumps and Dispensers

Reconditioned Gas Pumps and Dispensers

Purchasing a gas pump or dispenser can be overwhelming.  There are several reputable brands in addition to makes and models on the market.  Then there are added considerations when buying reconditioned gas pumps and dispensers.  A reconditioned gas pump or dispenser gives your gas station an edge on the competition at an affordable price.  Here is a guide to purchasing so you will get the best product for your needs.

What Do You Need?

 First and foremost, you need to evaluate what you need at your gas station.  Are you upgrading, rebranding, or starting from scratch?  Which model will fulfill your customer’s needs?  Are they looking to provide entertainment while at the pump, or do they need a fast-flowing gas pump so they can be on their way at a rapid pace?

Are you looking for a dispenser that will communicate with your existing fuel management system?   This will help you save the costs of acquiring a new point of sale system (POS).

Do Your Brand Research

There are several well-known brands and you can’t go wrong with Wayne, Gilbarco, or Tokheim.  It is about going back to the list of what your customer’s needs and requirements are.  Each brand has a model that speaks to a specific need.

Understanding the Differences Between Reconditioned and Refurbished

Purchasing a reconditioned gas pump or dispenser is a cost-effective choice.  It also is a more sustainable choice as you are helping to lighten landfills and pollution.

Reconditioning is a process that references a higher standard than refurbished.  Reconditioning encompasses the process of repairing, replacing, and reassembling the products to operational standards.

Refurbished products have been verified to function properly, yet they have put less work towards the product.   This is why the price on refurbished might be a little cheaper, but what is the life span on it?

Working With a Credible Company

When deciding on the company to purchase from you want to go with a reputable company that provides the highest standard of aftermarket petroleum equipment.

There are a few questions you want to ask when looking into a company.  Does the company test the units?  Do they offer warranty policies?  How are their third-party reviews?  Are customers happy with the service that they are getting from the support team?

Examining the company will help you decide if you are working with the best in the industry and experts in the gas pump and dispenser field.

Asses the Details

It is absolutely worth assessing your needs before purchasing a reconditioned gas pumps and dispensers; you want to be able to get the most reliable and best equipment for your business.  By asking the right questions and looking into the details, you will get a great product and improve your business’s profitability.

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