Gas Pumps: Is it Time to Upgrade?

Gas Pumps

Gas pumps are the critical piece of equipment in the world of a fuel retailer.  If your pumps are not working well, then the customer will go somewhere else and take your gas station off the go-to list.

The idea of temporarily shutting down fuel pumps can be unnerving.  Fuel is the primary reason why customers stop.  Strategic planning is the foundation for a successful gas station business.

Keep a Fast Forecourt

There is nothing more annoying to a customer than a slow gas pump.  The first thing to check is the filter when the flow begins to slow down.  Filters should be changed every 300,000 gallons or every six months, whichever comes first.  If that is not the cause, then the next step is to look at your nozzles and be sure it is not in slow flow rate mode.  Still moving slowly, then it may be time for an upgraded pump configuration or a gas pump.

Equipment Maintenance and Replacement

Equipment maintenance and replacement can be costly for a gas station owner.  Gas station equipment has become more advanced over the years, it requires professional evaluation when a problem occurs.  Service technicians are in high demand and their time is valuable, making your repair bill increasing in price.

Fuel dispensers, underground storage tank monitoring systems, and point of sale (POS) systems are all closely dependent upon each other.  So, if one malfunctions it can affect others.  This makes routine maintenance and checks critical.

Customers Damage to Gas Pumps

Whether it is a customer that drives away with a nozzle or the dispenser is hit by a vehicle.  After the gas pump or dispenser has been repaired or damaged so many times, it will eventually be time to upgrade.

Evaluating the Big Picture

Equipment replacement is steep, and it can affect your gas station’s bottom line.  However, delaying upgrades will result in increased downtime and more significant setbacks.  In addition to you may pay a high premium to get the gas station back up and running.

In an effort to keep your gas station relevant and at the forefront of customers’ minds, there is something to be noted with renovations.  Upgrades to equipment can make more sense and be cost-effective in the long run.  Constant repairing can become a money pit and unreliable equipment is not going to keep your gas station business running.  It makes more sense to purchase a reconditioned gas pump or dispenser unit.

Work with a Reputable Company

When you began looking into purchasing a reconditioned gas pump and dispenser, be sure to research the company. You want to work with a well-established company that understands the industry and your specific needs.  You want a company that runs the parts through an inspection before reselling and gives clear warranty policy specifications.  At Graffco, Inc. we want to provide good value and reliable products and services.  We help identify your needs and help you get the best product so that your business is successful.

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