4 Ways to Reinvent the Gas Station Experience

Gas Station

Refining the customer experience has become a critical focus across all industries in both the service and product industries.  It has become essential that the fuel and convenience industry take a look at how it wants to engage, interact and transact with its customers or else fall to the wayside with the competition. A gas station has a valuable opportunity to offer solutions that improve the overall customer experience and incorporate new customer journeys.  Here are four ways that you can reinvent your gas station to an elevated consumer experience.

Provide Overall Pump Satisfaction

This is the first step in the customer experience at a gas station.  Top gas stations like Sheetz have found themselves to be at the top of the list because they are maintaining customer pump satisfaction.  A customer does not want to deal with slow-flowing gas pumps.  While this may be fixed by changing the filters, the nozzle, or other equipment.  It also may mean that you need to upgrade your gas pumps and dispensers.  Whether it is a new or reconditioned gas pump or dispenser a newer, faster option will appeal to your customer.

Are your gas station self-service pump areas clean, free of litter and trash essentially are they visually appealing?  This is a huge first impression when a customer comes to the gas pump.  Be sure to have employees trained on cleanliness and maintenance to obtain high-quality standards.

Convenience Store is a Destination

When your convenience store is clean, has a great food and beverage selection, and gives excellent customer service it becomes a destination stop.  The future should make your store a destination and not a “pit stop”.  When you streamline your in-store process and really focus on your stock and what customers are looking for, it is a game-changer.  It encourages customers to come back for more.

Unified and Personalized Shopping Experience

Adopting technology across the customer journey will enable you to offer a more compelling and frictionless experience.  This might be with a better point of sale (POS) system, kiosks, self-checkout stations, and mobile commerce.

Ease of payment and security of payment at the gas pumps and dispensers creates a better shopping experience for your customers.  While the EMV regulations are making it challenging for gas stations, improving security measures will make your location a positive customer experience.  Digital technologies are improving retail experiences.

Choices and Additional Services

Gas stations that provide additional services find that their foot traffic will increase exponentially.  Adding services such as car washes, air, water, movie kiosks, food courts, post offices and more will get people to stop and spend more besides just filling up.

The Benefits of an Engaging Experience

By reinventing the way your gas station and convenience store operates, it will lead to an increase in sales, a transformed reputation and operating efficiency.  By giving the customer an engaging experience, you will find they spend more, stay longer, and come back more often.

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