How Rebuilding, Reconditioning, Recycling and Remanufacturing Give Equipment a New Life

reconditioned gas pumps and dispensers

Globally landfill waste is a problem.  Cities and communities are constantly working on new recycling and reuse projects, the manufacturing industry is working on re-manufacturing. Refurbished, remanufactured or reconditioned gas pumps and dispensers make a greater economic and ecological contribution.  It reduces the amount of waste and reduces your footprint.  This can be a huge selling point with customers.

Here is a guide of what they all mean, in all cases, they are great options to be environmentally conscious as well as budget sensible.

Rebuilt Pumps

A rebuilt pump is a used pump in which the worn parts and components have been fixed or replaced.  The goal is to get it working again; however, that is all that will be fixed and no warranty on the pump.

Reconditioned Gas Pumps?

Reconditioned gas pumps and dispensers will work and look like new.  They replace all wear and tear parts with new ones; the electronics are reconditioned, everything is tested and calibrated and all cosmetics are fixed.  The warranties on reconditioned gas pumps will cover much more than just an as-is purchase.

What is Remanufacturing?

Remanufacturing is different than recycling or repairing.  It is a complete taking apart of an old worn-out product, cleaning, restoring and possibly upgrading pieces and then reassembling the product.  The product is as good as new, but the process uses much less energy and fewer raw materials, then producing a brand-new item from scratch.

Selling Your Pre-Owned Equipment

Another way to be more ecologically aware is to sell your pre-owned equipment as you are looking to upgrade your gas station.  The calculations on what you will get is by looking at its age, current marketability, costs to recondition the unit and getting the piece of equipment to the purchasing company.  Some equipment is only worth the value of the parts and not the entire unit.  However, it is extra money that can be funneled back into your business.  It is a great form of recycling while still making money.

Parts & Equipment

Sometimes your gas pump or dispenser just needs parts and equipment replacement whether it is to repair or enhance your unit.  Which in this case you still can utilize recycled parts to make the repair or upgrade.

Replacing Equipment Cost Analysis

The price of a new unit will be considerably more than the cost of a rebuilt, reconditioned, or remanufactured unit.  The replacement of a machine is preferred when the monthly costs of a rebuild or repair consistently exceeds what it would cost for a newer unit.  The other part in the decision-making process is what type of fix you are in the market for and what your business needs.  Purchasing a reconditioned gas pump or dispenser can save you in the cost and you can upgrade to a better unit with a warranty to avoid immediate future costs.  The new unit may even have better technology or features that will serve your customers better.

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