Which Gas Pumps Are the Most Reliable?

Gas Pumps

Effective and reliable gas pumps are a valuable investment.  You need to find cost-effective, reliable and advanced equipment to keep your gas station in the running against the competition.  We can purchase these three top manufacturers of gas pumps and dispensers new or reconditioned.

Gilbarco Veeder-Root Gas Pumps

Gilbarco has been manufacturing fuel and convenience store equipment since 1865.  They were the first in the industry to announce UL listing for E85 dispensers and blends.  Pioneers in putting technology into the gas pumps that are everywhere today.  These are the model series that are the most popular today.

Encore 700s/500s – The Encore S series is a customer friendly design and simple for faster transactions.  They have a high technology capacity along with a screen that the owner can control the content to fit their marketing needs.

Encore 500/300 – The Encore Service is a basic dispenser that has a few advanced features.  However, it is a reliable lower cost dispenser for a newer owner.

Advantage – The Advantage series offers a range of security with a contemporary look.

Legacy – The Legacy is perfect for a basic retailer.  It is rugged and compact so that it is easy for placement. It has the technologies that are in the Advantage series.  Simple solutions for basic fueling.

Wayne Gas Pumps

Wayne built its first gasoline pump in 1907 and has been innovating pumps since.  They introduced the first blending pump, the first electric pump, and the first pay-at-the-pump station.  These are the three main models that are owners like.

Ovation – The Ovation fuel dispenser has the leading payment technology and user-friendly design.  It is a modern-looking fuel dispenser with a more robust frame than the other models.  In newer models, there is plenty of additional space on the pump for branding and marketing.

Vista – The Vista pump has been around for over a decade and is a value-priced series.  It is customer-friendly and can be used for standard car volume or in truck stops.

High Speed – They make these pumps to be as fast as possible.  It greatly decreases fueling time, which is a huge plus for truck stop gas stations.

Tokheim Gas Pumps

The modern gas pump that we use today was first created by the Tokheim Company.  Tokheim introduced the first pump that measured the fuel electronically.  They are a global manufacturer of fuel dispensers.  They use the products and services in over 40,000 service stations.

Tokheim 39 gas pump parts have a reputation for being reliable.  They are the ones that you will find at a gas station that has a vintage vibe.  These antique designs from a reliable brand will give your station the look and the effectiveness that customers will talk about.

Budget, Brand, and Customer

Gilbarco, Wayne, and Tokheim are the most well-known gas pumps and dispensers brands. With multiple models and styles, there are options.  The first part is to consider who your customer is and their needs.  While at some stations a vintage feel is better, others may want a way more modern vibe.  Whether you want to engage your customers while at the gas station fuel pump or have a fast-fueling experience.  The most important piece is finding a reliable, effective solution for your gas station.  All of these brands can be found at Graffco, Inc. and for a more cost-effective price. This may let you get a more expensive gas pump or dispenser at an affordable price.  Reconditioned gas pumps and dispensers are a beneficial way to revamp or open your gas station.

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