Upgrading Your Gas Pumps Really Makes a Difference

Gas Pumps

If you are a gas station owner, you may already have asked yourself or are currently asking if you need to upgrade your gas pumps.  Gas pumps are like cars, they don’t increase in value, once they are put into use, they decrease.  However, they increase the value of your business through the bottom line.  Taking an outdated gas station and upgrading it will improve your customer traffic.  If you make smart upgrade decisions, then you will reap many benefits and can stay within a budget.

Efficient Operations Gives You an Edge

Gas stations with upgraded equipment are more profitable.  Modern gas pumps and dispensers that are manufactured by brands like Gilbarco, Wayne are highly efficient, and your operations will speed up.  The station will be able to cater to more customers and generate additional sales.

Advanced point of sale (POS) systems and fuel equipment will increase operating efficiency and reduce wait times.  One of the worst things is for a customer to complain about slow-flowing gas pumps.  It also wastes time, so they are less likely to come inside and make any additional purchases.

New Gas Pumps Lead to a Reduction in Your Costs

Gas pumps and dispensers are prone to breakdowns, especially when it comes to older equipment.  New pumps come with warranties and will save you the costs of constant maintenance that you may currently be experiencing.

Another option is to purchase reconditioned gas pumps which still give you new quality equipment at a better price.  Your reconditioned gas pumps will come with warranties, so the additional savings are there for gas station owners.  Choosing reconditioned equipment means that you will be able to upgrade all your pumps at a better price.

Customers will be happy as newer equipment offers better security and that decreases the risk of fuel theft and payment fraud.  They will continue to remember your gas station when making the stop to refuel.

EMV Integration Is Here

By the end of the year, EMV upgrades will not be an option for gas station owners.  EMV integration must be done by the October 1, 2020 deadline.  Stations that are non-compliant will be removed or fined by VISA.  Besides VISA, customers are worried about fraud and non-compliant stations will lose their traffic.  Keep your competitive edge by upgrading and integrating EMV into your gas station.

Improve Your Gas Pumps and Your Sales Will Improve

It is the beginning of a new year and decade making upgrades to your pumps and station will make a significant difference in your sales.  Fuel is the reason that people stop at your gas station, however, the better experience they have the more time they will spend on in-store sales which means an increase in your profits.  Upgrading your gas pumps really does i

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