Slow-Flowing Gas Pumps. Are Your Customers Complaining?

Gas Pumps

One of the biggest complaints that customers have about gas stations is the gas flow.  Warm weather and cold weather certainly will spark this complaint, as they are standing outside in unforgiving weather.  Also, any customer that is in a hurry will immediately notice slow-flowing gas pumps or dispensers.

The result is that the customer won’t come back.  They will go to a competitor even if it is out of the way.

Customers don’t understand all the factors that go into the flow rates of gas pumps and dispensers.  Here are some steps that you can take to maximize the flow rate and keep your customers.

Change the Filters

Filters are the most critical when it comes to the flow at a gas pump or dispenser.  Filters need to be changed every 300,000 gallons or every six months.  Changing a filter is routine maintenance that needs to be upheld.

The Nozzle

If the filter is not the cause, then it may be the nozzle. Double-check that the dispenser is not in slow flow rate mode.  Then check for a system leak, which could be the culprit.

Conduct Flow Stress Tests

Monitor to find when is your slow or off-peak times.  Off-peak is the best time to test your fuel flow.  Doing your due diligence when it comes to testing fuel flow is going to ensure that your customers are not experiencing a slow gas flow.  You must test the performance of your equipment.  Do not test during peak hours, as your test results will not reflect performance. You must have it scheduled during off-peak to get accurate data.

Upgrade Your Gas Pumps Configuration

If your filters are clean, the nozzles are performing correctly, then an upgraded pump configuration might be the answer.

If your submersible pump is under 2 horsepower, you may want to look into upgrading to a 2-horsepower unit.  That will give a boost in fuel flow that could quite possibly fix the problem.

A manifold pump configuration with a smart control also can improve pump capacity by engaging a second pump when it is needed during high-demand times.  It also provides backup capabilities when a pump goes down.  Another feature that is beneficial to gas stations is that the smart controller can alternate the lead pump to manage the fuel level in both tanks.

Contact the Professionals

If the filters, the nozzles, the pump has enough horsepower, it may be time to assess if it is outdated equipment and you are in need of new gas pumps and dispensersGraffco, Inc. can help you choose a product that will be a solution.  In addition, they can help you upgrade your equipment in a cost-effective way.  They have reconditioned gas pumps and dispenser units that make it affordable to upgrade your gas station.  Whether it is a part of a new unit that you need, Graffco, Inc. has the knowledge and staff to help you keep your customers happy at the pump and keep returning.

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