Reconditioned Gas Pumps and Dispensers a Gas Stations Best Kept Secret

Reconditioned Gas Pumps and Dispensers

Gas pump recycling does not get as much visibility as it should.  Given that the annual cost of running a gas station is so high, not to mention purchasing new gas pumps and dispensers.  While it does not get as much recognition, gas stations find that purchasing reconditioned gas pumps and dispensers is the key to success.

Gas Pumps and Dispensers are Costly to Maintain

Aside from the original purchase price, once warranties run out on gas pumps and dispensers, they become very costly to repair.  The steep maintenance price can significantly eat into your profit margin.  Which means that the consideration of purchasing new equipment or continue to pay the exorbitant maintenance fees.

Who Buys Reconditioned Equipment?

If you are wondering who buys reconditioned gas pumps and dispensers and you think it is small operators on a tight budget, then you would be wrong.  In fact, they use reconditioned equipment across the spectrum of company sizes including major companies.

Will it Improve Financial Performance?

The decision to purchase a reconditioned gas pump and dispenser comes down to will it improve the financial performance?  This is a question of return on investment (ROI), the calculation of return divided by investment.  With reconditioned equipment costing half of the new equipment, the ROI impact can be significant.  Newer more modern, better working equipment will draw more traffic and pay half the price for it.  It is a win for gas stations.

Environmental Benefits

Simple material recycling reduces the quantity of waste headed for landfills and adds multiple lives for the Earth’s raw materials.  Higher-level recycling, like the reconditioning of gas pumps, makes a much greater economic and ecological contribution because it also includes the value-added from the original equipment manufacturer.  This additional value-added includes the cost of labor, energy and manufacturing operations that were part of the basic cost of raw materials.  You are reducing your brand’s footprint, which truly can be a selling point with customers.

Selling Your Current Equipment

If you are upgrading equipment, you may be able to sell your older equipment and get value for the entire unit or perhaps the parts.  However, with either possibility, you can funnel that money into the purchase you are making or into another area of your business.

The Bottom Line

Reconditioned equipment has a place in everybody’s businesses.  It is an opportunity to specifically get quality gas pumps and dispensers at a better price.  It explicitly makes financial sense.  You must buy reconditioned gas pumps and dispensers from a reputable company. One that understands the fuel industry and prides itself on quality.  Your wariness of purchasing reconditioned equipment may be on reliability purchasing from a trusted brand that will solve that fear.  With some due diligence, it is the perfect solution. Which is why it is the best-kept secret of many gas stations.

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