Gas Pumps or Dispensers Purchased for a New Station or for Expansion

Initially, it may seem like a daunting task to improve the profits of your business. However, if you take some of these cost-effective measures, in time, your business can begin to show greater profits than it ever did before. Perseverance may also be required. Along with these few steps that you can take to grow your revenue from the gas station business. Leasing the property and purchasing the gas pumps or dispensers may consume a significant amount of your capital. You may want to recover your investments as soon as possible. So, what can you do to boost your income from the business?

Do not rely on the profits from selling fuel; use other means to recover the cost of gas pumps or dispensers

Usually, there isn’t a big enough margin in the fuel price that you can make considerable profits from it. Despite spending a lot of money on the gas pumps or dispensers and accessories, the real income is generated from other avenues.

  • Focus on drawing more traffic Regardless of what you gain from your gas filling services, you cannot compromise with the standard of your service. It is going to draw more customers to your station.
    • You can start a convenience store or food joints at your station. You will enjoy the benefits of the larger crowds stopping at your station for gas. It may also help you if there aren’t many shops around the place your station is located at.
  • Build shops and lease it to someoneRunning your own shops on the station will mean greater expenses on inventory and in hiring additional staff. If you want to save your time and the additional costs, you can rent it to someone. They will benefit from the visitors to your station and you can sit back and receive payment on the lease. This is why you see coffee stands, pizza, or sandwich shops inside stations.
  • Selling lottery tickets is also an optionBy placing a lottery machine inside the station, you can make profits on the visitor’s dreams of getting rich. With many people winning jackpots recently, the trend of buying a lottery ticket has been increasing. This could be another way for you to improve your revenue as the number of visitors grows.
  • Air MachineWhether the air machine is free or a small price, it doesn’t matter the customer is there and will purchase inside the store or fill up their gas tank. 
  • Vehicle repair servicesGas stations are best suited for starting repair services. Gas is a necessity for vehicle owners who bring vehicles in for repair. So why not pair the two services together.
  • You can make extra income through this venture and recover your investments on gas pumps and accessories.

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