How to Get Your Gas Station Ready for the Busy Holiday Travel Season

Gas Station

The winter holiday season is here.  This means that many families will be traveling by car to enjoy holidays with family and friends.  According to travel statistics during Thanksgiving, people will travel over 50 miles to their destination.  Thanksgiving is the most traveled of the three winter holidays., however, for Christmas or New Year’s people travel farther and stay longer. The good news is that there will be more traffic at your gas station around the holidays.  By preparing and focusing on details, you can affect how much customers will spend when they stop.  It also can improve your traffic during the year by having a reputation of the gas station in town.

Customer Experience

Having excellent customer service at your gas station will make a lasting impression, the easier and better the customer experience, the more customers will be loyal.

Opening on time or possibly even promoting the earlier opening times on heavily car traffic days can improve your bottom line.

Fast speed and good service will always outshine the competition.

Is Your Convenience Store Stocked?

While you need to be prepared at the pump, as that is a big reason for travelers stopping having your convenience store fully stocked and prepped is huge.  Drive sales from your convenience store.

Be a better choice than a fast-food restaurant by providing healthy snack options.

Think about stocking up on some last-minute gag gifts, stocking stuffers and phone chargers. Tourists like goodies and this will give them a few more minutes to hang out and walk around, thus improving your bottom line.

Signage at the Pumps

While a customer is refueling, do you have signage that showcases promotions, deals, or things that you offer inside?  Do you have a reusable cup incentive?  If you do, this may be the time to put it on display and market it to all the holiday traffic.

Optimize your signage opportunities at the pump near the entrance, on curbs near the street.

Food Promotions

Drive sales from the convenience store aspect by offering food promotions.  Convenience stores that offer food deals have improved their bottom line.  Breakfast is a huge part of the day and offering coffee and breakfast pastries.  Changing the food promotion that you have throughout the day to cover breakfast, lunch, and late-night snacks can draw a customer into your store.

First-Class Restroom Experience

A quick stop for a restroom is a huge reason that a traveling person or family will stop.  Then while there, they may refuel.  Make sure that if you have a public restroom, it is clean and a good experience.  Word of mouth is surprising when it comes to a superb restroom experience.

Be the One-Stop-Shop

With some planning and preparation, you can take more payments not only at the pump, but inside the store and truly be a one-stop-shop.  The busy holiday season is a great time to increase brand loyalty and gain new clientele.

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