Understand Your Gas Station Customers to Run Successfully

Gas Station

It goes without saying keeping your customers happy will keep them coming back.  It will also help with your word of mouth advertising.  They will tell everyone they know about how much they like your gas station business.  Understanding your gas station customers will help you run a successful business.

Understand Who Your Customer Is

The location of your gas station will set the tone for who your customer is.  Are you near a highway that gets a lot of out of towners or truckers?  If so, then maybe having some tourist products or personal care items will be your upsell.  Are you near a business area with morning traffic, then coffee could be a big draw.

Take notice of who is your regular customer, and it will help you in deciding what additional products should be on your counters and shelves.

Loyalty Program

One way to attract and keep customers is to make them feel appreciated.  Loyalty programs will keep customers returning to your store.  Look at grocery stores, coffee shops, and restaurants; they all utilize loyalty programs.  Freebies, discounts and exclusive offers can help drive loyalty.  Discounted rates per gallon or rewards on car washes also evoke return rates.


A gas station that offers customers a place to stop and handle several needs becomes a go-to location.  Everyone is always so busy that being able to stop fill-up, get a car wash and grab a snack or a last-minute grocery item is enticing.  Saving your customer time and making it convenient for them is a draw.

Gas Pumps and Dispensers

Customers want to go to a station that has clean gas pump parts. The dispenser nozzles, covers, and handles should be kept up.  Maintain and check that the gas pumps and dispensers are working.  If the gas pumps or dispensers are older, it may be time to look into purchasing new ones or reconditioned gas pumps or dispensers.

Garbage cans are emptied regularly and that the supplies near the pumps are stocked and maintained.  Customers want clean and well-lit locations.

Competitive Pricing

Keeping your gas comparable to other stations is a great draw and to keep customers.  However, with some of the other points, this is a factor, but customers will pay more if it means that they are treated well, appreciated, and in a clean location.

Excellent Services for A Profitable Business

It goes without saying that excellent service and employees make it a pleasure for your customers, and they will be loyal if you have both.  Putting together a marketing plan is a crucial component. Incorporating the above points will set you up for a profitable business.  Once you know your customers preferences it will help make your gas station a sought-after location.

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